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When it comes to specifying products for their own homes, architects can draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge. For Terry Koumakis, the cladding choice was Palliside weatherboards

Architect's choice


Weatherboards are considered part of this country's architectural heritage, so it's not surprising to see architects incorporating them in the design of their own homes.

When architect Terry Koumakis designed a classically styled American Georgian home for his family, he specified Palliside weatherboards in the Traditional profile.

"Palliside weatherboards are a relatively new fashion statement. We wanted to beat the rush in showing how attractive and upmarket a two-storey home could look featuring this cladding," Koumakis says. "The strong, horizontal shadow-lines give the exterior plenty of visual appeal."

However, looks weren't the only factor determining his choice.

"Because this is a two-storey home, we needed a product that required very little maintenance. Palliside weatherboards were an obvious and affordable choice. As an architect, I also appreciate the product's versatility in terms of design."


For more information on Palliside, contact the manufacturer Dynex Extrusions Ltd, PO Box 19-133, Avondale, phone 0800 4 Dynex (439 639). .

First published date: 14 May 2004

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