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To create a calm and rejuvenating atmosphere, the owner of this bathroom – whose star sign is Scorpio – has chosen watery elements


For busy people, a bathroom will often be the only space in their home that provides a truly private retreat from the pressures of daily life.

The bathroom was the last space to be renovated in this apartment and the owner wanted it to be transformed into a calm, rejuvenating retreat.

"Because I was born under the star sign of Scorpio, I love any associations with water, so the design for my bathroom had to be water-driven," she says.

Designer Kerry Fidler worked with the owner to plan a bathroom to meet this brief.

"We wanted to create a space that was in contrast to the rest of the apartment, which was well-organized and clean-lined. The bathroom needed to be personal, luxurious, soft and relaxing to be in," he says.


The original bathroom was very cramped. But, when the fittings were removed, a small amount of additional space was found in the wall cavities. Replacing the tub with a shower also made the room appear more spacious.

"Even the small amount of space gained made a difference to the overall result," Fidler says.

"Although the bathroom is still tight, it has good impact and gives the illusion of being larger than it is – mainly because of the colors and materials we have chosen," the owner says.

Glass mosaic tiles in two shades of white cover the shower enclosure, the walls around the vanity and blue/green tiles are on the floor. A mirror with a slight green tint adds to the luminous quality of the space. The curved, pale aqua lacquered vanity cabinet and white marble top look clean and light.

Storage is provided in the vanity cabinet and in a storage tower on the side wall by the basin.

"This tower also helps to break up the square shape of the bathroom," the designer says.

First published date: 27 May 2005

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Credit List

Interior designer Kerry Fidler
Interior construction Kerry Fidler/Carlos Gonzalez Design Build
Vanity Custommade by Kerry Fidler for Vitanza
Marble vanity top RG New York Tile
Cabinetry Donald Kaufman lacquered paint
Basin Alape glass steel basin by Sieger Design
Faucets Dornbracht
Lavatory Giorno by Massimo losa Ghini
Shower module Dornbracht Tara by Sieger Design
Shower enclosure/mirror Barry London Glass
Tiles Bisazza Logos glass mosaic
Toilet Toto
Bidet Toto Zoe Washlet Seat
Medicine cabinet Robern