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Always a warm welcome

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Guests will never be cold with a Rinnai Infinity Continuum system and a Super Ray infra-red heater

Always a warm welcome


In any hospitality or accommodation venue, balancing the comfort of guests against the need to minimise energy costs is an ongoing concern. With the right systems in place, however, it is possible to have the best of both worlds – comfort and energy efficiency.

Rinnai's Infinity Commercial Continuum gas hot water system is designed to cope with peak demands for hot water in large commercial locations, such as motels and apartment blocks. Rinnai says the system – a combination of gas continuous flow hot water and a storage cylinder – is a very cost-effective solution for heating large volumes of water.

Another alternative is the Rinnai Infinity Manifold system, where two or more Infinity units are joined together. Rinnai marketing services manager Audrey Smith says this is particularly suited to buildings where there is a demand for large, continuous volumes of hot water. The system provides flexibility by enabling each Infinity unit to operate separately, then, as hot water demand increases, another Infinity unit is automatically switched on.

"The low initial capital cost and gas efficiency make this system a very cost-effective alternative to traditional boiler systems," she says. "The system not only provides an endless supply of hot water, but also ensures gas energy is not wasted."

Rinnai also supplies infra-red, wall-mounted Super Ray gas heaters for the retail and hospitality industries. Smith says these are designed to provide highly efficient spot heating. Unaffected by external air currents, the heat is channelled to specific areas by reflectors.


"This makes them particularly suitable for heating areas only when needed, which helps save on energy costs. Placed under cover, Super Ray gas heaters also ensure outdoor areas are warm and cosy," says Smith.

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First published date: 23 August 2004

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