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Reconfiguring offices and maximising storage is easy with the Herman Miller Resolve system and Codafile colour-coded filing and labelling solution, from Matisse International Furniture

All in order


EFFICIENCY and order in an office generate significant savings for organisations of all sizes. Where critical workplace issues can be solved simply, staff can work more effectively, and changing needs can be accommodated more easily.

The light, lean architecture of the Resolve workstation system, available through Matisse International Furniture, is easy to handle and allows for a space-efficient concentration of work areas, reducing occupancy costs. Its three-sided poles have more connection points than panelled systems, and its 120° geometry allows dense layouts. Lightweight screens can be switched out quickly, and overhead power and data distribution stay in place when workstations change. By significantly cutting down the time taken to reconfigure workspaces, the time management costs of moving and rearranging furniture and the costs of consequent loss of productivity are reduced.

Regional sales manager for Matisse Jane Roulston says the key factor in achieving these higher densities is the management of storage. In the Resolve system, vertical space is exploited for storage, using open ladder shelving and tool rails with removable accessory trays. All these elements hang off the horizontal arms and take up only a small amount of floor space. To maximise the available storage, Matisse utilises the Codafile system with the Resolve hardware.

"Codafile gives an individual the ability to store a large number of files so they are easily accessible at the workstation. The system also gives an organisation the advantage of being able to bulk store files at a much greater density," she says.

Additionally, the openness of the Resolve system encourages resourceful interaction and collaboration between colleagues. The human-centred design ensures the system reflects the work habits, requirements and movements of staff, while both systems ensure the office will have a professional appearance.


Contact Matisse International Furniture, 99 The Strand, Parnell, Auckland, phone (09) 302 2284, fax (09) 309 0330. Email: .

Alternatively, contact Codafile, PO Box 19555, Auckland 1030, phone (09) 820 9763, fax (09) 820 3890. Email:, or visit the .

First published date: 30 March 2007

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