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Fusion HVAC provided innovative solutions for the Te Awa The Base project

Air of innovation


A mega-size shopping mall can require inventive service solutions. The cinema complex and retail centre at Te Awa, The Base both called for unconventional, yet highly effective design responses.

Fusion HVAC Design was responsible for the design, project management and installation of HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) services for the underground car park, retail areas, food court, atrium and cinemas, says director Dragan Spasovski.

"Part of our brief involved coordination and installation of a green, energy-efficient HVAC system for the retail centre. This was achieved using spill air from tenancies as displacement airflow into the common areas – and as natural ventilation for the atrium when combined with recirculation of the high–level warm air via fans. We used digital scroll compressor technology in the tenancies – helping to minimise upgrade costs under any future tenancy modifications."

In the cinemas, even more ground-breaking technology was employed. Highly energy-efficient thermal displacement airflow of conditioned air comes from beneath the seats, providing draught-free comfort and enhanced indoor air quality. Heat, carbon dioxide and body odours rise by natural convection to be extracted in concentrated form from beneath the ceiling.

Fusion also addressed air flow for the expansive car park – the largest ventilated underground car park in a mall in New Zealand. Fusion HVAC: New Zealand


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First published date: 15 March 2012

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