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Advanced air conditioning was supplied for the new NorthWest Shopping Centre by Temperzone

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High-tech HVAC units were specified for the Farmers store and Countdown supermarket at NorthWest retail hub by Temperzone

Advanced air conditioning was supplied for the new NorthWest Shopping Centre by Temperzone


In terms of big retail, not all air conditioning's created equal. The HVAC requirements of a mega department store and a large supermarket are quite different, for example. At NorthWest Shopping Centre, Temperzone addressed the specific needs of Farmers and Countdown, says the firm's Derek Miles.

"For Countdown, we supplied a custom-designed and built air conditioner to meet the supermarket specification design brief of the modular HVAC contractor Tempest," says Miles.

This unit was designed as a dual path system to economically control humidity and air temperature.

"We also supplied Farmers with four OPA850 (85kW) and four OPA550 (56kW) packaged rooftop air conditioners. These feature economiser and electronic expansion valves for increased economy, digital compressors for close temperature control, and EC plug fans for economy and performance. The Farmers' units varied in terms of their supply air handling and air flow direction."

Temperzone products are often chosen for their ability to be customised and their stand-out durability. The latter is reflected in the build quality of all Temperzone air conditioning products – such as their long-lasting, epoxy-protected coil fins, stainless steel external fasteners and marine-grade, oven-baked polyester powdercoated panels.


"Few companies have the ability, resources or know-how to create these specialised custom designs to meet clients' exact needs," says Miles.

Temperzone units have proven themselves over many years and technical support is always to hand.

For further information, contact Temperzone, 38 Tidal Rd, Mangere South, Auckland 2022. Phone: (09) 279 5250, email:, or go to the

First published date: 14 May 2016

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