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A warm embrace – Lockwood Homes

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Contemporary Lockwood home in the country

A warm embrace – Lockwood Homes


Families looking to build a new home today usually have a much longer wish list than in the past. Along with size and design preferences, there are often decisions to be made over durability, sustainability and safety.

All of these things were priorities for the owners of this new Lockwood home, built by Twin Harbour Homes in Albany. Director Paul Brinsden says his clients were wanting to protect their young family from natural disasters.

"They are also very health conscious and wanted to build a house made from natural and non-toxic materials," Brinsden says. "They were impressed by the strength of Lockwood homes and the way the wood is able to naturally moderate humidity levels."

The comfortable living environment created within a Lockwood home is due to its natural wood construction.

"The joinery in Lockwood homes also helps with climate control," says Brinsden. "It incorporates a refined pressure equalisation system that allows a natural airflow that provides a condensation-free environment."


Lockwood's construction system also met with the owners' requirements for an eco-friendly home.

"The solid wood provides significantly more thermal mass than conventional building materials. The wood also takes less energy to produce, and safely stores carbon, rather than releasing it into the atmosphere," says Brinsden.

The design of the home is a modification of the Lockwood Longridge plan.

"The owners had seen our Kowhai show home and were impressed with the high feature ceilings, and the large expanses of glazing.

"We modified the plan to increase the size of the living areas and the deck canopy, providing large areas for entertaining, both inside and out. We also increased the overall height of the house, so the rooms feel especially spacious, generous and welcoming."

Brinsden says because the house is on a rural block and exposed to the prevailing southwesterly winds, it was essential to provide sheltered outdoor living areas. The house consequently wraps around the site, effectively embracing the covered decks.

To complement the country setting, the solid timber weatherboards are painted black, and teamed with a Gull Grey Colorsteel roof. Black furnishings, inside and out, reinforce the visual drama.

For more details, contact Lockwood North Shore & West Auckland, phone (09) 415 8915. Alternatively, email: .

First published date: 06 October 2013

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