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A unique take on grouped housing

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This project sets a new benchmark for sustainable, affordable group housing

The homes are spacious, with room even for residents of the canine variety


Architect: Cox Architecture
Photographer: Peter Bennetts

About the project: CODA Studio (now Cox Architecture) was commissioned to undertake a grouped housing project at Boonooloo Road in Kalamunda. The project involved the construction of 4 dwellings on a 4,000sqm lot that had previously held two standard dwellings.

Whilst all four dwellings are independent of one another, the design language is common across the development. Economical building systems and finishes are brought to life with careful consideration to spatial planning and the articulation of threshold moments.

Opportunities for ancillary dwellings are tested, with the 4th bedroom fitted with capped services for retrofit; the villa becomes a 3-bedroom home with separate accommodation (bedsit or granny flat) or home office in the future.

Joyful insertions of colour, a restrained palette of materials, and the maintenance of tree canopy further elevate this project beyond what’s typical in our suburbs.


The project sets a new benchmark for sustainable, affordable housing at low-to-medium density zoning in our peri-urban suburbs.

First published date: 12 October 2017

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