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A good night's sleep

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Designed by the Swiss for apartment living, the Huesler Nest bed provides a new slant on the traditional slat bed

A good night's sleep


Space-saving considerations are usually to the fore when specifiying apartment furniture, which is why clean, streamlined designs often work best. However, this shouldn't be at the expense of comfort and health.

The Huesler Nest bed from Switzerland was designed to fulfil both these criteria. New Zealand distributor Adrian Kruesi of Finstone says 80% of the Swiss population lives in an apartment or penthouse, and the Huesler Nest bed system was designed to cater to this large market.

"There is a consistent demand for a well-designed, top-of-the-range bed," he says. "This system provides many features to ensure a good night's sleep."

Kruesi says the bed consists of only natural materials, with no metal springs. A timber frame and a double-slat base is topped by a natural latex mattress with a wool underlay. The double-slat system is designed to provide optimal orthopaedic support for your back, hips and shoulders.

Each side of the double beds has its own base and mattress, so it automatically adjusts to fit your height and weight. Both head-rests and foot-rests can also be altered to suit. Kruesi says the whole bed system can be easily aired and cleaned.


For details, contact Finstone, phone (07) 345 9200, or visit Stand 110 at the Home Ideas Centre, The Strand, Parnell, Auckland. .

First published date: 12 October 2003

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