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5 ways to transform your space with texture

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Caroline Modig from Art Hide shares a few valuable tips for giving your space an overhaul with texture

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Home Design is considered primarily related to vision. However, what most of us don’t realise is that interior design is also hugely related to our sense of touch. Imagine the relaxing feeling of bare feet on a smooth rug, or simply how comfortable you feel when you sink in that oversized leather sofa chair. Think about the calming feeling of running your hand along a rough wooden table or a book shelf and also how it adds a rustic element to your space. Yes, that’s the beauty of textures! They are both interesting to look at and are immensely soothing.

What's more, textures effectively change the look and the intensity of the colour of any accessory. They are also incorporated in the décor to alter the depth and atmosphere of any room. For instance, design elements which have rough texture are often used in huge rooms to lend them a cozy ambience.

Whatever your choice of texture, you need to ensure that it balances out the other design aspects of the space. Another important thing to remember is to not use too many varied textures in a single space. Two or at the most three different textures in a single room shall be fine. Also keep in mind the colour palette of the space in which you intend to use textures. An ideal way would be to go for contrast if the colour scheme is monochromatic. So, make textures your friend and decorate away!

Caroline Modig works at Art Hide and oversees their marketing and promotional efforts. Her passion for interior design and the knowledge she's gained over the years allows her to write informative blogs about interior trends, popular styling tips and everything related.


First published date: 06 April 2017

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